MMMMMMM, Honey! Not only is it good tasting, but really good and healing.

Deron has wanted to keep bees for over 20 years. We had bear in WI and there was no way I would let him host, tempt them, with that sweet, sweet honey. Real bears are not like Whinney. We lived in Northern WI where people came when they went Black Bear Hunting. We often heard the Bear Hounds during Bear Hunting Season come through our 80 acres. We even followed a few hunters when they treed bear.

Now that we are in SD, or since we have been in SD, Deron has been planning to set up with bee keeping. When we get set up well here, we will have bee know, way over on the other side of the property. We have books, and with the Internet, we have been reading up on care and set up, I say we, me really, Deron has known most of this information for years! Deron does read the books too.

November 30, 2010

I know, I know. Why this time of year? Well, when you can get a great deal, you do things a bit different then what you might have planned. Deron and I fell into a six deeps, bees doing so well, even in this bitter cold here in NW SD, that he got stung on the forehead loading them. So now my husband is a BEEK, what the heck, he has always been a GEEK! And if he is half as good at being a BEEK, as he is a GEEK, he will be very successful and we will have much honey!

To see what he does as a GEEK, or what came from him being a GEEK, please visit or

So on December 1, while many of you were Christmas shopping, Deron was bundled up, remember we are in NW SD, placing his bees in the pen that is set up for animal training.....they will be moving out, way out, in the Spring. Deron was blessed by God to now only find the bees, but to have a day here that was/is not windy, this made him easier to move items and set up.

old post card - BeeKeeping

This old post card is lovely.


Empty Cell Frame Hive Bodies Honey Frame small bee cluster




June 30, 2011


First Honey Harvest

Today Deron went out to add frames to the Bee Hives and the Bees has started making wax and honey on the ceiling of the one hive. So.....Deron first tried to fix it but then had to strip it off. He brought it in and we got to try our first homegrown honey. It was especially fun for Deron because his youngest son is here with us for a few weeks from St. Louis, MO and Blake was out with him at the hives and they ate the honey right out of the hive. Unfortunately, we were so excited.....we forgot to take photos of the beautiful honey comb and luscious honey.

Deron gave us all a taste, and other taste, and we were all full of honey and loving it as much as "Whinnie the Phoo" then into a clean jar it went. We did get a quick photo of the honey being strained.

Bee Frame Close Up Bee Frame with Queen Cell Beekeeper Blake

July 15, 2001

Deron and his son Blake went out to check on the bees. Blake was able, with proper equipment, get up close and even help with the bees. Deron's gloves were a bit big for Blake, but they kept him safe and he was able to handle the frames with the bees on them.

The contents of this page for Bees is still under construction. Please check back later!

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